Terms and Conditions

  • Before the project proceeds, the client should first sign-off the estimate quote provided. 
  • A quote is only possible to determine if the designer has been provided with a brief from the client.
  • Before proceeding with contract work (fixed rate), a mutual agreement should be reached and signed before proceeding with the commitment.
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  • Estimated quoted time for projects includes a combination of research, editing, communication, and client adjustments, DTP (print-ready), etc. This will be identified on the final invoice.
  • Hourly rate is R410,40 (From 1 August 2018)
    • The rate hike take in effect 1 August 2017 and will increase every year thereafter with 8%. 

Need a quote? Please email your needs to design@zanlidejager.com

  • High rates will only apply when the designer is asked for special services after hours or/and in a very limited time-frame. This will be quoted as a "rush fee/rate" and will be double the normal per hour rate indicated in the quote.
  • Additional costs per hour will occur when there’s debriefs or continues changes from the client of the design/info. This will be communicated should the project lead to that - this is to ensure no bill shock occur and both parties have the option to negotiate.
  • To proceed with any future work, please make sure the last invoice was paid (within the 30 day period).
  • An interest of 10% will be charged for late payments after 30 days. 
  • Please negotiate payment options should you have a specific budget. Payment options include an interest-free pay-off option over a 3 months period, but this is only an option when it’s been organised beforehand and for NGO's or (first-time) Start-ups. This option is also only valid for South African citizens. 
  • Payment of project may be paid after the project is completed within 30 days after the invoice.
  • Payment methods options include EFT and PayPal.
  • Special discounts are only applicable for NGOs, churches and (first-time) StartUps. And by the discretion of the designer.
  • Discounts will only be given at the discretion of the designer.
  • When cancellation of services will occur you'll be invoice for all the overtime and time spent on projects. Retainer clients will not be changed for overtime, only unpaid hours in the scope of the agreement and a cancellation fee (TBC).
  • No tax/vat will be charged in the final invoice.
  • Please note that there is a cancellation fee of 10% of the quote, should the project not continue after agreeing to the estimated quote. This includes time already spent on the project including tax. The final invoice will have the 10% cancellation fee + time spent.
  • An extra fee of 15% of the printing invoice will be invoiced when the designer is asked to manage the printing process for the client.
  • 8 hours is a full day's work.
  • The following services will be outsourced and quoted separately when specific project needs arise:
    • Photography
    • Stock photos
    • Coding
    • Copywriting
    • Video Production
    • Animation/Motion Graphics
  • A consultation fee per hour will be charged for managing and/or art directing the services outsourced listed in the point above. This will be the normal daily rate.
  • The designer will strive to maintain the highest form of quality and originality, please respect the processes and time.
  • The work will only belong to the client when the last payment of the project has been made. But should the client not pay for the artwork or any part of it, then every aspect which includes, research, ideas and art direction belongs to the designer, and no part may be used without payment or consent. All rights are reserved and are intellectual property.
  • Please note that the sign-off process is very important. The designer doesn't take responsibility for information or designs elements that are not correct after a sign-off is given. Sign-off is only valid if it will always be on paper or permission given through email. Please take this seriously and make sure you take responsibility for your information or/and specific design preferences.  

~ Updated 2018/10/11 ~

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