Equinoxe Wine Label

Wine Label and Logo Design

Created 2009. Copyright © Zanli de Jager. South Africa.
This wine label was designed in 2006 for a small independent wine-company. (They're still making very good wine to this day.) The company never went through with the design, because the name 'Equinoxe' (old French spelling) was already registered and trademarked. Today, there working as Four Paws Wines, and you can check out their wine here: www.fourpawswines.com.

The overall design is inspired by 'equality' and balance in nature, like an equinox. The sun and its reflection in water (or moon) in the design, represents the balance of a hot sun and cool breeze from the ocean which is essential for a vineyard in South Africa. Weather patterns are determined by the sun and the moon (example, the moon influence the ocean). This balance makes the best vineyards, which ultimately produces very good wine. This rationale is mostly inspired by the wine-maker Gerda Willers and her way of seeing the vineyards and the wine-making process.

The labels were designed to be a wrap around, and the format was inspired by a landscape. The design was intended to be elegant, timeless and simple. The yellow in the sun, for the red wine, would have been made with gold foil. And the silver in the moon, for the white wine, would have been made with silver foil.

Created 2009. Copyright © Zanli de Jager. South Africa.